Mar 6, 2012

News: Percival Bailey Brain Specimens Collection Now Online

-Submitted by CAMA member, Kevin O'Brien:
The Special Collections Department of the University of Illinois Chicago Library of the Health Sciences has made available a collection of digital images of neuropathology brain specimens created by Dr. Percival Bailey (1892-1973).  

From UIC's collection, brain specimen featuring pontine glioma.
Bailey, a pathologist and neurosurgeon, had strong connections to several Chicago-area academic institutions, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois. Among his many career achievements was a collaboration with Harvey Cushing in the 1920s at the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital in Boston that resulted in the important book, A Classification of the Tumors of the Glioma Group.

Bailey created this collection of plastic-embedded brain specimens in his laboratory at the University of Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute, where he was a faculty member from 1939 to 1951.

Many of the specimens included in the digital collection may be view in an exhibit at the Library of the Health Sciences which will run into the spring of 2012.

View digital images of over two hundred brain specimens online through CARLI Digital Collections:

For more information about this digital collection or the exhibit, please contact Kevin O’Brien at the UIC Library of the Health Sciences Special Collections Department:

UIC Library of the Health Sciences
1750 W. Polk St.
Chicago, Illinois

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